Extra large tripod planter // turquoise & white stamped

Extra large tripod planter // turquoise & white stamped


One off! This big boy is a happy accident. I applied the white glaze too thickly so I washed it off again but left the section where it over lapped the turquoise, as I didn't want to reglaze that too. When I reapplied the white, it meant the middle section got a double dose of glaze. The result is this, almost beach like effect, with a sandy yellow coming form the turquoise glaze being dragged down with the weight of the white and creating a foamy appearance of waves.

Shiny off white and matt turquoise glaze. Toasted stoneware clay, hand built vase with hand glazed detail. Signed on the bottom. Signed on the bottom and gift wrapped.

H 17cm  W 16cm No drainage holes

** Please note this item will ship alone due to the weight shape and size.

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