DRAINAGE HOLE - tall planter + coaster// white

DRAINAGE HOLE - tall planter + coaster// white


The perfect desk companion.

To keep super healthy plants, you need to make sure the plants get enough water but don't have water logged roots which will rot, as happy roots makes for a happy plant.

So I now have a range of planters with holes to help you keep those plants healthy, they come in a range of sizes and there's even an extra tall one perfect for growing avocado trees (whose roots seem to prefer to go down rather than out). In fact in my experience I have found that many leafy plants prefer a tall pot rather than a wide pot, as the roots naturally want to go down to look for water. And they seem much happier. Catci and succulents tend to have shallower roots so are fine in a regular height pot.

Made from toasted brown stoneware clay and glazed with shiny white glaze. Each pieces is hand made with hand applied detail and comes with a matching white coaster to stop drips.

  • H 16cm + W 8.5cm (Approx)

  • Matching FREE coaster

  • With drainage hole.

  • Signed on the bottom and gift wrapped in tissue.

  • **Care Instructions - You can plant directly into the pots with drainage holes. Water over a sink, once there is no water coming from the bottom hole, you can place back on the coaster.

Please note the piece you are sent may not be the exact piece in the photo but will be very similar!

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